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Lampadario - Wmt 2

Sito Web
Poni 1 domanda

Model WMT 2 - graphit black 12 flames
hight 132m
diameter 97 cm
Weight ca. 36 kg

Together with its traditional Viennese manufacturing process, hand-beaten high-carat gold leaf, hand-cut and exclusively manufactured baroque crystal trimmings and drops, mouth-blown opal-glass-candles, mouth-blown middle-column-parts reflect light in an extraordinary beauty.

WIESHOFER & Co. offer several models in different variations made of 24 carat gold, white gold, platinum gold, Palladium, graphit-black and on special request in solid silver and in sizes from 40 to 80 inches. Depending on its size, up to 250 hours of fine manufacturing are necessary to produce one of these chandeliers.

International experts and collectors agree, that these high quality chandeliers are very unique and deserve to be seen. You will not find a similar quality on the worldwide market.

Worldwide prestigious private clients and Royal familys are among the customers of Wieshofer & Co.

Caratteristiche prodotto Caratteristiche prodotto
  • Origine : AUSTRIA
  • Materiali : Inox

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