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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Porta interna scorrevole - Securit doors

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     More light
    A glass door lets the light pass through, creating a pleasant ambience in the home or office.
    Partial or complete transparency between two spaces increases the apparent size of the area while still providing privacy for the occupants.
    A Securit door blends in with materials such as wood, steel and natural stone in classical or modern interiors, creating timeless aesthetics.
    A Securit door is made-to-measure. This means that the surface can be decorated with sanded motifs or acid etching.
    A range of transparent or translucent colours is also available with the use of STADIP COLOR laminated glass.
     User-friendly and durable
    According to the model you choose, the leaves can either swing or slide. A Securit door remains stable and easy to maintain over time.
    Securit GLASSOLUTIONS doors are always made from SECURIT toughened glass. The strength of toughened glass is 5 times greater than that of ordinary glass. In addition, should an accidental breakage occur, the glass shatters into small blunt fragments. Where greater security is required, laminated STADIP PROTECT or STADIP SECURIT glass is recommended.

    Further info from manufacturer on SECURIT DOORS

    Further details


    Swing doors with a door-closing device


    Door with stainless-steel bolted hinges

    - Glass type: clear, SECURIT with sand-blasting;

    - thickness: 10 mm;

    - creation: M. Staupe.

    Unit with a stainless-steel door closing device

    - Glass type: SGG SATINOVO SECURIT;

    - thickness: 10 mm.

    Door with a stainless-steel door closing device

    - glass type: clear, SECURIT;

    - thickness: 10 mm.

    Double doors with stainless-steel fittings

    - glass type: clear, SECURIT with acid etching motif;

    - thickness: 10 mm.

    Swing doors with hinges


    Double doors with chrome swing hinges

    - Glass type: SGG SATINOVO SECURIT;

    - thickness: 10 mm.

    Door with chrome swing hinges

    - glass type: SGG PARSOL GREY;


    - thickness: 10 mm.

    Luxit, one-way interior door

     Examples :

    Door with aluminium fittings

    - glass type: clear SECURIT, sandblasted motif;

    - thickness: 8 mm.

    Door with brass fittings.

    - glass type: SGG PARSOL GREY SECURIT, sand-blasted motif;

    - thickness: 8 mm.

    Sliding doors

     Examples :

    Sliding unit with built-in system

    - glass type: SGG MASTER-LIGNE SECURIT;

    - thickness: 8 mm.

    Stainless-steel sliding door

    - glass type: SGG THELA SECURIT;

    - thickness: 8 mm.

    Shower cabinet doors, made-to-measure


    Shower cabinet doors with stainless steel hinges

    - glass type: clear, SECURIT;

    - thickness: 8 mm.

    Shower cabinet doors with chrome hinges

    - glass type: SGG SATINOVO SECURIT;

    - thickness: 8 mm.

    Finishes offered: sand-blasted or acid-etched

    Toughened laminated glass: greater safety, more colours and design possibilities


    Unit with stainless-steel fittings

    - glass type: STADIP COLOR;

    - creation: Equipal - Lieven Musschoot.

    Door with black lacquer fittings

    - glass type: STADIP PARSOL GREY ;

    - creation: DMOA - Denef Mattelaer Oosters Architect.


    • Origine : FRANCIA
    • Materiali : Vetro

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