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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Box doccia - Inspiration

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    INSPIRATION, the first collection of illuminated LED shower screens by GLASSOLUTIONS, is the result of the union between technology and design.
    Created in close cooperation with Fabrice Knoll, specialist in the hospitality industry and bathrooms,this new generation of illuminated shower screens complements the superb range of DESIRE illuminated LED mirrors to transform the bathroom into a special place of peace and well-being. The secret: the new and creative use of light.
    The selected patterns break the uniformity of the glass. A spa-like atmosphere is evoked by the use of simple patterns that suit all styles of decor. Fabrice Knoll uses a unique glass-working technology to transform "utilitarian" elements into things of beauty in their own
    right. Light becomes a source of relaxation and intimacy.
    INSPIRATION is a digital print on SGG DIAMANT extra-clear glass.
    The profile integrating the LEDs is designed for a thickness of 8 mm, allowing the light to diffuse perfectly through the glass. The aluminium profile is designed to
    house the LEDs with maximum ease of installation and for completely safe use in a wet environment.
    The cable runs out of the profile and connects to the transformer on the outside of the panel.

    Further info from manufacturer on INSPIRATION

    Further details



    INSPIRATION pair exclusive designs with an innovative use of LEDs, a GLASSOLUTIONS development.

    The range consists of 5 stylish and exclusive patterns obtained through digital printing.

    All of the patterns were selected for their evocative qualities:

    - Pebbles;

    - Bubbles;

    - Curves;

    - Butterfl ies;

    - Geometric.

    Their shapes are designed to create a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

    Depending on their position on the shower screens, they not only create intimate atmospheric lighting with a warm white colour (3,000° K) but can also provide more powerful lighting with a cold white colour (7,000° K). The patterns are obtained by digital printing on glass.

    A unique diffusion of light for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, by GLASSOLUTIONS.

    The LEDs are arranged in the profi le against the edge of the shower screen glass. The light guided by the glass thus delivers an even flow of soft-glow lighting.

    INSPIRATION is certified according to standard EN 14428 for tempered glass shower screens.

    GLASSOLUTIONS places sustainable development and the environment centre stage.

    INSPIRATION therefore promotes low energy consumption, as its shower screens are fitted with LED strips with prolonged service life and low power consumption compared with a conventional bathroom lighting system using bulbs or fluorescent tubes.


    The INSPIRATION illuminated LED shower screens collection is designed for the bathroom, and more particularly for the hospitality sector, where it complements the DESIRE collection of illuminated mirrors, also created by Fabrice Knoll, offering design harmony.

    Illuminated LED shower screens and mirrors are for indoor use only, in compliance with current regulations.


    • Origine : FRANCIA
    • Materiali : Vetro

    L'intera collezione di GLASSOLUTIONS France

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