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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Parete divisoria - Artglass bario

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    "ART GLASS BARIO is a hand blown glass. The glass is hand blown to create a cylinder that is cut and then flattened before undergoing slow and controlled reheating:
    - by adding controlled quantities of different colours (enamels or frits), sometimes on an opal or gilded pink base, the glass develops its colourful appearance;
    - average dimensions: 800 x 600 mm;
    - thicknesses: 2.5 to 5 mm.

    ART GLASS BARIO is a range of hand blown glass, with a colourful appearance, designed for:
    - Tiffany glass lamps and lights;
    - showrooms;
    - museums and galleries;
    - stained glass windows;
    - cornices;
    - partitions;
    - furniture.

    - Laminating;
    - silvering.

    ART GLASS BARIO offers:
    - exceptional brilliance and luminosity due to the oxides used;
    - a wide range with lots of variety;
    - an original product: each sheet is unique;
    - an artistic and highly aesthetic finish, comparable with that of paintings.
    ART GLASS BARIO becomes a work of art when it is back-lit. It can also be resin laminated.

    - Silvered ART GLASS BARIO for the Fondation Claude Pompidou;
    - The Hennessy show room;
    - The Galaxy Conference Room."


    • Origine : FRANCIA
    • Materiali : Vetro soffiato

    L'intera collezione di GLASSOLUTIONS France

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