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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Radiatore scaldasalviette - Thermovit elegance

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    THERMOVIT ELEGANCE is a heating panel in a clear, reflective or personalised glass finish. THERMOVIT ELEGANCE is a solution which offers unparalleled aesthetic qualities and generates all-round warmth, similar to the warming rays of the sun.
    THERMOVIT ELEGANCE is a panel of active glass which radiates heat could be regulated by a radioprogrammable thermostat.
    With no other accessories except its connections to the floor or wall, it provides electrical heating which is 100% energy-effi cient.
    When exposed to a 220-240 volt electric current, the invisible fine metal layer inside the layered glass emits infra-red heat rays on both sides. The heat is 100% radiated heat.
    When placed against a wall, 70% of the heat is radiated, while 30% is provided by convection.

    Heating radiators, panels and mirrors, towel driers.

    THERMOVIT ELEGANCE, a technological solution combined with interior design
    - The quality and comfort of radiant heat;
    - the aesthetics of a heating system which is either invisible or fitted within a mirror design;
    - built-in system which requires no home automation or transformer;
    - no dry air, no draughts, no danger of allergenic substances;
    - easy to install, use and programme;
    - hygienic, easy to clean and maintenance-free;
    - technological system tested for over six years;
    - high level of efficiency;
    - 2 year warranty.

    - The Bel Air luxury apartments in Hong-Kong (2007);
    - the Club Med hotel in Cannes (2007).


    • Origine : FRANCIA
    • Materiali : Vetro
    • Colore : Trasparente

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