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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Box doccia - Timeless

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    TIMELESS : the corrosion resistant shower glass
    Lasting transparency, easier maintenance.

    TIMELESS® is obtained by magnetron deposition of a transparent coating of metal oxides made ultra resistant thanks to a controlled industrial process.

    The side of the glass treated with TIMELESS® must be inside the shower. TIMELESS® is installed in the same way as ordinary shower glass of equivalent thickness.

    TIMELESS® glass is designed for use in showers:

    \u0007 shower screen,
    \u0007 shower cabinet,
    \u0007 bath screen,
    \u0007 wall covering.

    \u0007 TIMELESS® glass is not tinted or reflective: it closely resembles clear glass.

    \u0007 High degree of transparency and neutral appearance
    Timeless® consists of a very clear glass, SGG Planiclear, to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. Timeless® is therefore very transparent and does not alter colour perception, irrespective of the thickness of the glass.

    \u0007 An anti-corrosion effect for lasting transparency
    Day in, day out, the glass is protected against corrosion, so that it does not become tarnished and maintains its attractive appearance.

    \u0007 Easier-to-clean glass
    Water slides off the surface of the glass, limiting limescale deposit and stains. Any residual traces are much easier to remove than on untreated glass.

    \u0007 High durability treatment
    Timeless® is obtained by magnetron deposition of a coating of metal oxides. This treatment remains effective long-term and can withstand all kinds of industrial processing (patents pending).

    \u0007 Timeless® quickly regains its original transparency. The condensation evaporates faster than on untreated glass.

    \u0007 Timeless® shower glass has an Anti-Corrosion guarantee valid for 10 years from initial delivery, under normal conditions of use and subject to compliance with the processing, handling, maintenance and usage instructions of Saint-Gobain Glass.

    \u0007 Conforms to standards :
    EN 14428 : "Shower enclosures - Functional requirements and test methods"

    EN 1096 (class A): "Construction materials - Coated glass"

    \u0007 Timeless® can be cut, shaped and tempered. It can be curved with radii up to 1 meter (tests must be carried out for smaller radii).

    \u0007 Timeless® can be screen-printed on either face. It can be laminated, provided that the glass has been previously tempered, and that the coating is on the exterior face.

    \u0007 As part of its commitment to the sustainable home, TIMELESS, and all GLASSOLUTIONS products, can represent a major asset in obtaining "green building" environmental performance labels (LEED, BREEAM, HQE, DGNB, etc.), as it offers all the required functions: energy performance, comfort and well-being and minimum environmental impact.


    • Origine : FRANCIA
    • Materiali : Vetro

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