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    L'atelier Tout Metal

    Attività : Antiquario  
    Dear visitors and customers, Thank you for visiting our website. The atelier Style & Steel offers your home a selection of rare designer objects, appreciated for their exceptional attractiveness as well as for their functional aspect.  Real antiques, even though they are genuine contemporary objects of art, the furniture, objects and lighting - all have the particularity of being made out of metal that has been meticulously handcrafted by our experts. Most of these objects are originally from ateliers or even factories, and referred to as “objets de métier” created between the 1920’s and 1970’s. The item is ready for sale after re-valuation and sometimes even transformation work is done, work that can take from just a few hours to over a 100 at a time. Cleaned, brushed and polished to a patina, the item becomes a unique piece thanks to our meticulous work and our expert hand-craft. The obtained effect is both modest and spectacular, always unique and inimitable. Whether they’re heavy and imposing or ethereal and minimalist, these objects will always strike a pose in any interior. Metal, when properly worked, can integrate its surrounding colours, giving off reflections according to the light, or even from the angle from which it is contemplated. The result. being an object animated with a life and soul that blends perfectly into the ambiance that you are seeking for your interior, be it classical or totally design.
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    Prodotti di L'atelier Tout Metal

    (22 Prodotti)
    L'atelier tout metal - années 60's - Lampada Per Comodino

    années 60's

    Lampada per comodino
    240 € ca.
    L'atelier tout metal - style bahaus - Lampada Per Scrivania

    style bahaus

    Lampada per scrivania
    150 € ca.
    L'atelier tout metal - années 70 de marque fase - Lampada Per Scrivania

    années 70 de marque fase

    Lampada per scrivania
    150 € ca.
    L'atelier tout metal - palettes sncf industrielles - Tavolino Rettangolare

    palettes sncf industrielles

    Tavolino rettangolare
    250 € ca.
    L'atelier tout metal - table métallique pliante - Tavolo Da Giardino Pieghevole

    table métallique pliante

    Tavolo da giardino pieghevole
    250 € ca.

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